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Archived Newsletters - These newsletters are from the ITN (formerly IDN) DPG prior to their merging into DMNT. We will continue to post these resources for all our DMNT members.



Spring 2013



Spring 2012

  • The Role Of Dietetics Professionals in the Care Of HIV-Positive Cocaine Users
  • Nutrition Implications of Hepatitis C Treatment
  • Nutritional Tips for Hepatitis C Educational Handout
  • Research Briefs: Hepatitis C
  • Member Spotlight: Alicia Bosscher, MPH, RD
  • Book Review: Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook

Summer 2012


Fall 2012

No Winter 2012



Spring 2011

  • Obesity and HIV: Adopting A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss
  • An Update on Vitamin D Recommendations
  • Member Spotlight: Josh Dale
  • Clostridium difficile: Educational Handout
  • Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis: Educational Handout

Summer 2011

  • Glutamine Supplementation of Individuals Infected with HIV
  • FNCE 2011 Discussion Session
  • Medicaid Redesign: Medical Coverage for Oral Nutrition Supplements in NY State
  • Nutrition Outreach to HIV Case Management Programs
  • Member Spotlight: Lillian Pinault, MS, RD
  • Member Spotlight: Naima Sullivan, MS, RD
  • Positive Communication Newsletter 2010 Index

Fall 2011

  • Functional Limitations can be Improved through Regular Exercise in Those Living with HIV: a Brief Review of the Literature
  • Member Spotlight: Saroj Bahl, PhD, RD
  • Perspectives on HIV Education in Swaziland
  • Research Briefs: Hepatitis C
  • Research Briefs: Pulmonary Tuberculosis & Clostridium Difficile
  • Infectious Diseases Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group #29: 2010-2011 Annual Year End Report

Winter 2011-2012

  • Probiotics and Microflora in HIV Infection
  • The Pasteurization of Milk: Protecting Human and Animal Health
  • Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo 2011: In Review
  • Member Spotlight: Andrew Jaime Pierce
  • Research Briefs
  • EML Netiquette
  • Educational Handout: Food Safety
  • Educational Handout: Probiotics



Spring 2010

  • Role of Cytochrome P450 in the Management of HIV Infection
  • 2009 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo IDN DPG Open Discussion-Review
  • Book Review

Summer 2010

  • Vitamin D and HIV Disease
  • NIAC Winter 2010 Conference
  • HAART Side Effects
  • Spring 2010 House of the Delegates Virtual Meeting Summary
  • Nutrition Intervention and HIV Position Paper Updated

Fall 2010

  • Measuring Body Composition of HIV Patients Using Bioelectical Impedance Analysis
  • IDN DPG Listserve Netiquette
  • The Body Image Evolution of Long-Term Survivor
  • Food Interactions of Common Hormonal Supplements for Transgender Female Patients
  • ADA Ryan White Survey

Winter 2010-2011

  • Bariatric Surgery & HIV Disease
  • The Continuing Relevance of Body Circumferences in HIVNutrition Care
  • The Future Of HIV Nutrition: The Role Of Diet Quality, Micronutrients and Cardiovascular Disease



Spring 2009

  • Safe Water in Developing Countries
  • Nutritional Management of HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Infection
  • Interview with Eric Strachan, PhD.
  • Lifting the HIV Travel Ban
  • Book Review
  • IDN DPG Year End Report
  • Supplement A: Marcy Fenton poster
  • Supplement B: Marisa Ciorciari poster

Summer 2009

  • Nutrition Intervention for the Substance Abusing Poplation
  • Cultural Competency
  • NIAC 2009 Summary
  • Food Insecurity: A Global Perspective
  • New in Review Hits the Web
  • Update on the House of Delegates

Fall 2009

  • Oral Health in Persons Living with HIV Disease
  • Q&A Section
  • My Experiences as a New RD in Infectious Disease
  • Nutritional Care and Medical Interventions for Dyslipidemia in Pediatric HIV Patients
  • Crypotsporidium Infection

Winter 2009-2010

  • HIV/AIDS and Health Disparities: A Rawlsian Approach
  • Hepatitis B: What Every Nutrition Professional Needs to Know
  • Interview with Sandra Haim, MPH, ACRN:Niger
  • Co-Managing HIV Disease and End Stage Renal Disease



Spring 2008

  • HIV Patients: Metabolic Morphisms and Nutrition Therapies
  • HIV/AIDS and Personality Disorder
  • Association of Nutrition Services Agencies (ANSA) 2007 14th Annual Conference: Mapping the World of Nutrition (part II)
  • Good News, Bad News for People Who Are Positive
  • Creating a Cooking Class for the Underserved Population

Summer 2008

  • Motivation: The Key Ingredient in Changing the Eating Behaviors of People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • The Role of Soy in Metabolic Complications
  • Missing in Action: Increasing the Number of Nutrition Visits
  • Nutrition in HIV: An Overview
  • A Summary of the NIAC Spring Conference

Fall 2008

  • Sleep Disorders: A Metabolic Concern in HIV/AIDS Treatment
  • Nutritionists in AIDS Care: A Word from the Chair
  • The HIV/AIDS DPG Name Will Become the NEW Infectious Diseases Nutrition DPG (IDN)
  • Effectively Counseling the HIV Patient with Limited Health Literacy
  • The ADA Coding & Coverage Committee Brings Nutrition Coding and Coverage to the Forefront
  • Association of Nutrition Services Agencies 2008 15th Annual Conference

Winter 2008-2009

  • Keep Anemia on the Radar Screen
  • The Infectious Diseases Nutrition DPG Goes to FNCE 2008
  • My Experience in Zimbabwe: Summer 2008
  • Living with HIV, Dying of Tuberculosis



Spring 2007

  • The nutritional importance of selenium in people with HIV: part 1 Juturu V
  • Tadresse region of the Republic of Niger pre-program activity: characterization of the targeted population of children Fields-Gardner C
  • Sex, drugs, prisons, and HIV Okie S
  • Case study: part 1 Craven B
  • Dare to dream? a look at entrepreneurship (Use the coach method to enhance your client-counseling outcomes) Caton J

Summer 2007

  • Food for Progress: soy foods direct feeding program in Mozambique
  • My Journey into international nutrition and the African AIDS epidemic
  • Member Spotlight: Chase Brexton Health Services
  • Nutritional importance of selenium in people with HIV: part 2
  • The Sixth Annual NIAC and HIV/AIDS DPG Conference Flash Forward: Innovative Nutrition Management of HIV, Part 1
  • Case Study: Part 2
  • Pre-FNCE workshop

Fall 2007

  • Collaboration for food assistance when resources are limited
  • The days in the life of a dietitian: from critical care to home care
  • The sixth annual NIAC and HIV/AIDS DPG conference- Flash Forward: Innovative HIV Nutrition Management, part 2 Liss M
  • The Farm Bill: not just for farmers
  • MNT: A critical component in HIV/AIDS care in the United States and across the globe undefined a need for continued advocacy and education

Winter 2007-2008

  • Phoenix Rising: A Home Care HIV Nutrition Success Story
  • Executive Summary: Association of Nutrition Services Agencies (ANSA) 2007 14th Annual Conference: Mapping The World Of Nutrition
  • Case Study, continued: One Man's Journey Battling HIV



Spring 2006

  • BIA in transgendered patients Fields
  • Who me, volunteer? The unexpected benefits of getting involved
  • 2006 Public Policy Workshop, 'The Tension Between Science and Politics', one of the best ever
  • An interview with Shannon Ward, MA, program development manager for the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health Fields

Summer 2006

  • The Office of the United States Global AIDS Coordinator reports on nutrition and HIV/AIDS Fields
  • Public Policy Report: Third article in a series on "Advocacy 101"
  • Putting it all together, 2006 NIAC review: nutrition and HIV research, science and practical applications
  • Lipodystrophy in women: more data from FRAM study

Fall 2006

  • Executive Summary-- ANSA's 2006 13th Annual Conference: "Share the Vision"
  • Metabolic complications: an overview of new data from AIDS 2006
  • The efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy in HIV
  • Pharmakinetics, food and antiretroviral: part I

Winter 2006-2007

  • People-to-people China delegation of dietitians
  • Book Review: Never Give Up by Kevin Winge
  • Does stepping on the scale count as exercise? How people living with HIV can get the most out of physical activity
  • The life of an HIV-positive man
  • Pharmokinetics, food and antiretrovirals: part II



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