Immunocompromised and Transplant and Nutrition (ITN)

The Immunocompromised and Transplant Nutrition sub-unit is created for dietetic professionals to access resources related to medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for immunocompromised individuals.  

The prevalence of immunocompromised adults in the United States is thought to be growing due to medical advancements which have both increased the life expectancy of immunocompromised individuals as well as expanded the use of immunosuppressant therapies.  

MNT for immunocompromised patients should be individualized based on the source of immunosuppression, underlying disease state, and current illness. This sub-unit will address MNT for immunosuppressed individuals specific to disease state. 

Ultimately, the goal of this sub-unit is to provide a community for dietetic professionals to collaborate and share knowledge of nutrition as it relates to immunosuppression throughout the lifecycle.  

Please view our current list of resources. More will be added soon - visit again soon!